Tobias Meilicke

Tobias Meilicke studied Political Science (Near and Middle Eastern Studies), Islamic science and Sociology at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg, at the Yildiz University Istanbul and at the Cairo University in Egypt. During and after his studies, he worked as scientific assistant at the Erlangen Centre for Islam & Law in Europe and at the department of Islamic Theology at the Friedrich-Alexander University. After that, he was research associate at the chair of Islamic Sciene at the University of Erfurt. For many years he researches Islam in Europe and Islamism.

Since 2015, Tobias Meilicke is state-coordinator against religiously justified extremisn in Schleswig-Holstein, Counselor at the Turkish Community in Schleswig-Holstein (TGSH) for the state programme against religiously justified extremism and a team member of PROvention.