Ways out of helplessness

Ways out of helplessness

Do you worry about a person among your acquaintances turning towards extremist ideas or thoughts?

In this case, we are there for you. It does not matter if this person is your own child, a friend of yours, an acquaintance or a student. We can help you to judge the situation correctly and cooperatively develop strategies to re-integrate the affected person into their social environment. Bring her or him back into your family, your school class, and/or your circle of friends.

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Describe the situation to our trained counsellors and tell them about your concerns and fears. As experience teaches, no case is exactly like another, but there is a set of signs that can indicate radicalisation processes. If our conversation leads to the conclusion that there is a potential danger, we will coordinate any further steps with you.

Get some useful tips for your behaviour

There are ways to strengthen contacts to people who are affected by radicalization tendencies. Our counsellors give you tips about how you can approach certain topics. With this, we give you additional assurance about how to react and if you can include potential third parties, such as relatives, friends, teachers or imams, into the de-radicalisation process.